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At Westmont, we take care of everyday emergencies

Experienced Medical Spa

About Imperial Clinic and Med Spa

We are mighty pleased to share that Imperial Clinic and Med Spa is proudly delivering healthcare and skincare services to communities in the surrounding areas in and around Westmont. We take time for our clients and offer free consultation, accommodate onsite appointments, and work diligently to deliver the care to make our clients feel better. 

What We Offer

We provide skin care services to clients, who want to slow down the signs of aging and want their skin to look glowing and beautiful. The services we offer cover a wide range of skin treatments including, Botox and Facial Fillers, Vampire Facelifts, Micro-needling, Laser Resurfacing, Thread Lift , Kybella and Collagen Injections.

Our Services

It is time to bid adieu to wrinkles and fine lines.

It’s time for a healthier and youthful skin tone & texture.

Removing scars from skin is like taking a walk in the park.

Target specific areas of the skin that need attention.

No more sagging skin, or the awkward double chin.

Restore elasticity of skin and get a youthful appearance.

Experienced Medical Spa

Imperial Clinic Urgent Care

At Imperial Clinic we deliver health services to our surrounding communities that require urgent attention and care. The Imperial Clinic offers a myriad of services including, COVID-19 PCR tests, IV Infusions, ECG monitoring, Sports / Schools / Employment Physicals, Preventative Health Check-ups, Women’s Health Exams, Acute problems and Pediatric Examinations. We also provide laboratory services on site to speed up test results and care. This provides our clients with a faster course of action, and recuperation.

Laboratory Service on Site

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to our dedicated clients and our exceptional team who have made this achievement possible…

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